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ZooWhiz: The Online Learning System that Automatically Adapts for Each Child!

  • • Ages 4-15 • Mathematics, Reading, Word Skills • 17,000 activities

    Over 17,000 activities comprehensively covering a huge range of mathematics topics; word skills including punctuation, spelling, grammar, vocabulary and phonics and reading with an emphasis on phonemics, comprehension and text types

    The curriculum correlated educational content at the heart of ZooWhiz has been purpose built to empower parents and teachers to help children learn. Its intentional sequencing and structure supports the function of the ZooWhiz Adaptive Learning System enabling the delivery of totally automated, differentiated instruction for each and every child.

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  • Actively guides each child upward at their own pace

    The ZooWhiz Adaptive Learning System progresses each child ever upward at their optimal rate.

    The activities covering Ages 4 – 15 are sequenced into finely graded progressions allowing for precise levelling. Each subject is divided into learning categories and then further into skills. The resultant matrix of activities enables precise control and enables the automated Adaptive Learning System to progress children ever upwards.

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  • Complete Local Curriculum Correlation for Ages 4-15+

    Mirrors the precise structure and terminology of your local curriculum

    One-to-one permanent links between all the 17,000 educational activities and the finest grained elements of your local curriculum

    Select activities and report by your local curriculum’s structure

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  • Correlates each activity with the outcomes of your curricular

    All 17,000+ ZooWhiz educational activities are correlated one-to-one with the finest grained elements of your local curricula. This unique capacity gives teachers and parents an unparalleled capacity to sequence learning and report using the precise structure and terminology of their preferred curricula.

    Australia: Australian Curriculum, AUSVels, NSW Syllabus, NAPLAN
    New Zealand: TKI
    UK: National Curriculum
    USA: Common Core State Standards

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    ✓ Collect awesome animals to build your zoo
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    ✓ Monitor your child’s progress at home and at school
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    ✓ Let Adaptive Learning create customised learning pathways

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    ✓ Safely administer classes in your school
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Teachers we are enthusiastic about the style of the questions
I am a secondary teacher in Queensland. My colleges and I, who have used ZooWhiz with our classes, are struck by the level of engagement it achieves with all our students in our trial classes from Year 7 through to Year 10. Seemingly, they are captivated by the pursuit of… Read more
Rachelle – Teacher, QLD Australia