What do Dragons eat for breakfast? Enhanced animal profiles coming soon!

We hope that you’ve been enjoying your journey of learning through ZooWhiz. If you’re eager to learn even more from ZooWhiz, guess what? We’re preparing detailed profiles on all animals!

Have you ever wondered what a Dragon eats for breakfast? Jam on toast? Wheatie-Bix? Find out soon!

A little later in the year, if you become a Premium Zoologist, you’ll be able to see a whole bunch of cool facts and figures about every animal in your zoo. You can even start collecting more animals today! So sign in now, answer more activities, earn more coins and buy more animals to get ready for it!

We’ll also be adding some awesome new animals to the Bio-dome for you to collect and learn all about, so get in quick and become a zoo whiz!


What do YOU think a Dragon would eat for breakfast? 

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