Extended School Hours

To give kids, parents and teachers even greater access to ZooWhiz, we’ve extend the default school hours for ALL schools!

Kids can access ZooWhiz anytime of day, from home or from school.

Children may access ZooWhiz within school hours without the involvement of their parents. But when a child wants to use ZooWhiz from home (i.e.outside of school hours) it’s important that we keep parents ‘in the loop’. For this reason we require permission from parents/caregivers to be granted for children to continue to use ZooWhiz from home. This is a simple, free process that involves the automatic linking of a child’s FREE Keeper account to a parent’s FREE Management Account.

So, how does ZooWhiz know if it’s being used outside of school hours?

Using a combination of advanced mapping techniques, GeoIP references and school table information we have allocated default school hours to every state and region around the world.

By default, most school hours are now set from 8:30am to 4:00pm in each school’s local time zone. However, some schools of course will have different hours of operation.

Help us out! Let us know if your school’s hours of operation fall outside this range and we’ll adjust it for you. Click here to tell us…

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