Our Approach to Building Software

Our Goal

To build great educational software that motivates kids to learn through fun.

Every chance for every child

At EdAlive, we build our software knowing that every child’s learning needs are different. We want every child to experience the joy of knowing they can face a learning challenge and know success. Whether struggling or flying, there’s a place for every learner.

Great fun learning

We also know that kids learn through fun! That’s why we’ve built ZooWhiz to be rich in activities that motivate kids to learn through fun.

Kids learn at their own pace

Since my early teaching days I have been convinced that children, as individuals, have different learning needs. The challenge has always been to deliver the right educational content at the right time for the right child in an environment that motivates them to learn. The very design of ZooWhiz has grown from this conviction allowing children to work at their own pace using educational content that is just right for them and having heaps of fun at the same time.

Curriculum based

ZooWhiz is based directly on the relevant curricula and is underpinned by a rigorous academic process. Coverage of the relevant material is extremely comprehensive. The educational activities within ZooWhiz are of the highest quality and have been authored and texted over many years by a team of highly experienced educators.

Target individual learning needs

With ZooWhiz parents and teachers can target each child’s learning needs. Comprehensive reporting allows the identification of areas needing attention. Powerful educational content selection options allow for the creation of individualised learning programmes.

Special Needs

ZooWhiz enables parents and teachers to differentiate the educational content according to children’s aptitudes and abilities making it ideal for use in a Special Needs Environment. The educational activities support all the main learning styles using colour, sound, text, sound support (reading content), outstanding graphics and interactivity, to appeal to the widest possible range of users, from children on the autistic spectrum to those with English as an additional language.

Gifted and Talented

The extraordinary range and breadth of educational activities in ZooWhiz gives ample head room for gifted and talented children to extend their learning. Using the “My Activities” feature children are able to self-manage and extend the range of their learning in the light of performance feedback, and develop learning independence.


ZooWhiz takes into account the diversity of learning needs, cultural backgrounds and interests of the children in our multicultural society. ZooWhiz caters for different learning styles, builds on children’s interests and cultural experiences, uses materials that reflect social and cultural diversity, and provide positive images of race and gender.