Our Founder, Graham East

Back in 1986, Graham was a teacher in a middle primary classroom. At that time, the educational world was invaded by the personal computer. He instantly recognised the educational potential of the new technology, and before long was a respected practitioner of educational computing, training other staff and advising other schools.

In 1987, Graham with his wife Barbara founded “New Horizons Educational Computing Services” and commenced supplying schools with much-needed advice and relevant educational software.

In 1988, the East family moved to Armidale NSW and established a national business that supplied schools across Australia with educational software.

By 1993 New Horizons was publishing a limited range of simple but effective titles to supplement the imported US and UK product that was strong in the Australian market.

In 2003, Graham established EdAlive, the formal publishing arm of the enterprise. As time has passed, this new focus surpassed the software distribution business and EdAlive became one of the world’s leading publishers of Educational software.

Now that the world is moving online EdAlive is applying the same high quality, innovative approach to the creation of ZooWhiz.