Software from EdAlive

EdAlive is one of the world’s foremost publishers of educational software having created an extensive range of multi award-winning titles including:

Typing Tournament, Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic, Numbers Up! Baggin’ the Dragon, Words Rock, Ultimate Maths Invaders, Spelling Force and the BRAINtastic range.

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Over 60 major awards and endorsements

The quality of our software is attested by the number of awards we have won! The 60 major awards and endorsements gathered over the years place EdAlive in elite company, being one of the most awarded publishers of educational software in the world. More…

Used in over 10,000 schools

EdAlive titles are used in the majority of primary schools in Australia and New Zealand and a significant number in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland as well as schools in the the United States.

Over 1,000,000 copies to parents

Over the year many parents have recognised the quality and value of our titles and have purchased them in large quantities for their families. EdAlive educational CDs have been some of the most popular in the world.