Spam Policy

We don’t like spam either and do not wish to generate any email communications that might be unwanted by our clients.  As an Australian company our conduct in relation to spam is governed by the 2003 Australian Spam Act.

EdAlive assures you that:

    1. All email communications generated by ZooWhiz and EdAlive will always give you the option to unsubscribe however you will need to bear in mind that for parent and teacher accounts to operate they are required to be linked to a functional email account.
    2. If for any reason an email from us does not include an unsubscribe option then please send an email to detailing the communication from which you wish to unsubscribe and your wish to wish to unsubscribe.
    3. To assist us in combating Spam, we request your assistance with the following:
      1. If you receive an offensive or unauthorised commercial message, which appears to originate from a ZooWhiz or EdAlive email address, please assume that it has been sent in error and notify us immediately
      2. If you change your email address but still wish to receive emails from us, please let us know ASAP

Updated 07/02/2012