Automated teaching, assessment, reporting, learning support & extension all in one!

ZooWhiz is the intelligent online learning system that automatically adapts to each child’s learning needs creating fully differentiated individual learning pathways with ease. Its 17,000 activities are directly correlated with your local curricula giving unparalleled teaching and reporting power.

Maths, Word Skills, Reading; Grades K – 10, Ages 5 – 15+

ZooWhiz contains over  17,000 carefully sequenced educational activities  comprehensively covering  maths, reading and word skills. Each activity focuses on one or more outcomes and the parts build together to create an automated, powerful, easy to use, integrated environment where each element interacts with and supports the others to help every child reach their full learning potential.

Automated unique learning pathways

ZooWhiz liberates children to learn by intelligently adapting to their needs. It automatically creates a unique learning pathway for each child. It empowers educators by enabling them to implement fully differentiated learning without the need to constantly monitor and adjust the system. The Adaptive Learning System presents just the right activities at just the right time to maximise learning.

Your local curricula are fully reflected

Your local curricula are fully encapsulated within ZooWhiz. Their precise structure and terminology is reproduced with direct one-to-one links between each and every activity to specific outcomes. Teachers and parents are able to employ these curricula to manage learning and generate comprehensive reports.

Powerful incisive reporting

Each and every response is collated in the ResultVault, giving rich data to inform the progress of learning and enable the generation of precise, powerful reports that correlate with the included curricula. They enable teachers and parents to zero in on each child’s learning needs and then quickly and easily set work to address their weaknesses and extend them where they need a challenge. It’s incredible reporting power and flexibility facilitates assessment, extension and learning support.

Motivated by fun

Each child is propelled along their unique learning pathway motivated by the fun of the zoo and arcade games and the challenge of the activities and the feedback they receive.

Revolutionary features put teachers in control

  • Employs advanced adaptive learning capabilities that automatically set children free to work at their optimal level in Maths, Word Skills and Reading
  • Automatically devises the optimal learning pathway for each child setting teachers and parents free from the tedious, time consuming processes often associated with other online learning systems
  • One-to-one correlation of all activities with your local curricula enabling precise control of educational content and incisive reporting
  • Stores a complete and ongoing learning history for each child in the Result Vault enabling the creation of comprehensive, concise reports that profile each child’s progress outcome-by-outcome in real time and over time
  • Enables the creation of individualised learning progressions child-by-child or for the whole class at a time using the ZooWhiz unique Content Selection capability
  • Power cloaked with simplicity. With ZooWhiz it’s incredibly easy for teachers and parents to harness the phenomenal power of the Adaptive Learning system and to access all of its advanced teaching and administrative capabilities
  • ZooWhiz links home and school enabling parents, teachers and schools to work together for the good of every child
  • Sound Support for the lower years allows younger users to work independently as if they had an adult to read along with them
  • When accessing on iPads and IO devices it automatically diverts to a special HTML5 web based version of ZooWhiz eliminating the need to install and manage an App.
  • Set homework, class pre and post tests and exams with dedicated Content Selections

In a league of its own

ZooWhiz uniquely combines extensive coverage of maths, word skills and reading in a single adaptive learning system that intelligently creates fully differentiated learning pathways for every child. The incorporated local curricula with their one-to-one correlations allow you to direct children’s learning and precisely analyse the results using the same outcomes and objectives you use day to day.

Explore The Local Encapsulated Local Curricula:

The comprehensive array of encapsulated curricula mirror your local curricula preserving their hierarchal organisation and terminology. Select your country and then click on the folders to drill down right to bottom of the hierarchy and see for yourself.


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