Curriculum Correlated Adaptive Learning

 Automated Teaching Assessment & Reporting

  • The powerful, incisive reports correlate precisely with the included curricula facilitating assessment, extension and learning support

Motivates & Liberates Children to Learn

Automated Learning Pathways for All

  • Automatically devises the optimal learning pathway for each child, setting teachers and parents free from the tedious, time-consuming processes often associated with other online learning systems

Differentiated Learning Pathways

Covers Maths, Word Skills and Reading

Encapsulates your curricula

  • Your local curricula are fully encapsulated within ZooWhiz. Their precise structure and terminology is reproduced with direct one-to-one links between each-and-every activity to specific outcomes.

Power cloaked with Simplicity

Sound Support for the young

  • Sound Support for the lower years allows younger users and ESL students to work independently as if they had an adult to read along with them

Set homework and tests with ease