What's New for Kids?

Our team is constantly changing and updating ZooWhiz to make it better for you. Below is a list of some of the recent enhancements.

ZooWhiz whizzes past 80,000 users!

Kids teachers and parents are loving ZooWhiz. 

ZooWhiz, EdAlive’s new  online learning system is growing rapidly and this week passed 80,000 users!  We’ve had over whelming feedback from parents, teachers and children around the world.

Here’s a taste of what people have had to say…

Sophie says “…I thought that overall, the site was great because there were lots of features on it. The Learn & Earn feature was really good because you had three different subjects: Reading, Words and Mathematics. In it you can earn coins by learning new things. I also liked that there were different age groups and different stages in them for people on different levels…

“…I am the parent of two children (aged 4 & 6) who have been using your site for the past week. Both of them love it! The personal Zoos and Arcade Games are great motivators for them to complete the educational activities (which are fun and engaging in themselves). I find that the girls like to set a money goal for each ‘Zoo Session’ and are competing with each other on getting the biggest number of zoo animals in their alloted time. The fact that they have to ‘pay’ to play the Arcade Games is great too – it means they HAVE to do some of the educational actives before they get to play the games :) ” Hollie – Parent,  Australia

“The interface is fantastic – really appealing to kids and easy to navigate. The activities are also appropriate to the students’ age/level – not too easy, not too difficult.” Jessica – Teacher, QLD Australia

“I am a secondary teacher in Queensland. My colleges and I, who have used ZooWhiz with our classes, are struck by the level of engagement it achieves with all our students in our trial classes from Year 7 through to Year 10. Seemingly, they are captivated by the pursuit of earning points to purchase the animals of their choice; while as teachers we are enthusiastic about the style of the questions which frequently enlist higher order thinking skills and revision of procedural skills from their present and past years of study.” Rachelle – Teacher, QLD Australia

You can read more reviews here…

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What do Dragons eat for breakfast? Enhanced animal profiles coming soon!

We hope that you’ve been enjoying your journey of learning through ZooWhiz. If you’re eager to learn even more from ZooWhiz, guess what? We’re preparing detailed profiles on all animals!

Have you ever wondered what a Dragon eats for breakfast? Jam on toast? Wheatie-Bix? Find out soon!

A little later in the year, if you become a Premium Zoologist, you’ll be able to see a whole bunch of cool facts and figures about every animal in your zoo. You can even start collecting more animals today! So sign in now, answer more activities, earn more coins and buy more animals to get ready for it!

We’ll also be adding some awesome new animals to the Bio-dome for you to collect and learn all about, so get in quick and become a zoo whiz!


What do YOU think a Dragon would eat for breakfast? 

Extended School Hours

To give kids, parents and teachers even greater access to ZooWhiz, we’ve extend the default school hours for ALL schools!

Kids can access ZooWhiz anytime of day, from home or from school.

Children may access ZooWhiz within school hours without the involvement of their parents. But when a child wants to use ZooWhiz from home (i.e.outside of school hours) it’s important that we keep parents ‘in the loop’. For this reason we require permission from parents/caregivers to be granted for children to continue to use ZooWhiz from home. This is a simple, free process that involves the automatic linking of a child’s FREE Keeper account to a parent’s FREE Management Account.

So, how does ZooWhiz know if it’s being used outside of school hours?

Using a combination of advanced mapping techniques, GeoIP references and school table information we have allocated default school hours to every state and region around the world.

By default, most school hours are now set from 8:30am to 4:00pm in each school’s local time zone. However, some schools of course will have different hours of operation.

Help us out! Let us know if your school’s hours of operation fall outside this range and we’ll adjust it for you. Click here to tell us…

Awesome Arcade Games!

Well boys and girls, we’ve just finished three Arcade games! We know you’ve been hanging out for them, so we thought it was about time we made them available. If you haven’t yet signed up, you should sign up now – while ZooWhiz is being developed, you get a PREMIUM Zoologist Account for FREE, but this is only for a limited time!

You’ll see that the Arcade section on the main map is no longer in a “coming soon” state – there’s a bunch of awesome-looking games in there! We’d love for you to play the games and let us know what you think (you can use out contact form to give us feedback).

Seeing as you’ve all been waiting so patiently for the Arcade section of ZooWhiz, we thought we’d be generous and price each Arcade Game at only 250 coins to unlock. You also get to play the game for free (absolutely zero coins) the first time you unlock it, but after that you’ll need to fork out 100 coins each time you want to play – we had to give you something to work towards!

The three Arcade Games we’ve release are Free Kick, Cupcake Frenzy and Bouncing Balls. They’re all a lot of fun, and they all let you save your game (if you get called away for dinner, or something else interrupts you). They also all support high scores.

We’ve also made a bunch of other improvements to ZooWhiz, but the Arcade Games are the biggest. As always, if you have any feedback don’t hesitate to contact us.

Registration Screen Update

It’s now a whole lot easier to start playing ZooWhiz! When you register a FREE Keeper Account, on the same screen, you can sign in and start playing straight away! There is, however, a limit to the number of times you can sign in without being linked to a parent or teacher Account. So make sure that you ask your parents to register a FREE Parent Account for you to continue learning and playing – all for FREE.

Awesome Zoo Map!

Take a sneak-peak at the current state of the ZooWhiz map screen – not only has the art come a long way over the last few months, but we’ve also added a bunch of animations. With such a high level of interactivity, you’re sure to love it, whether you’re 5 or 15!

We’ve tried to balance fun and engaging animations with a strong sense of screen focus, so as not to overwhelm all the young ones with too many “going ons”. In a similar way we’ve also had to balance the use of sounds. We know that cool sounds help make a game a lot of fun, but we strongly empathise with teachers’ during computer lessons – the chaos that ensues when a classroom full of kids starts a game with a blaring soundtrack can be monumental…

Anywho, take a look at the screenshots below.

Animals Galore!

Do you love cute kittens? How about ferocious lions?

Before too long, ZooWhiz is going to be publicly launched, and is going to have a huge range of awesome animals! Some of these animals will be “on special”, meaning you can buy them for only a handful of your hard-earned coins!

Take a look at some of the screenshots below.