The NEW CSP 2.0 for Aussie Schools is Here!

Thousands of schools across Australia and around the world participated in our CD-based Community Software Plan (CSP). Their enthusiastic support helped make it such a great success.

The world has now moved online and people are more connected than ever.
In order to help kids learn through the power of this new reality we have created a unique opportunity for schools and families by partnering ZooWhiz with the CSP.

We are excited to be able to bring together the capacity of ZooWhiz and the benefits of the CSP to deliver high quality, zero-cost educational resources for your school and great low-cost access for your families.

All the best,

Graham East

Benefits for Your School

  • Participating schools receive a FREE “Perpetual Whole-School School-Hours Access Licence
  • ZooWhiz becomes available immediately and completely FREE for use in your school during school hours
  • You can choose how broadly or quickly you implement ZooWhiz in your school. It is up to you.
  • Teachers have 24/7 access for planning and administration
  • Save your school thousands of dollars each year as the FREE use of ZooWhiz can replace other paid subscriptions
  • Integrates learning between home and school


Benefits for Parents

  • We supply each family at your school with a Home Access Discount Card that gives them home access to ZooWhiz at greatly reduced cost
  • Each card carries simple clear instructions to parents so that they can quickly and easily gain Home Access to ZooWhiz for their family
  • Parents simply use their Discount Card to securely purchase ZooWhiz Home Access online, and to renew annually at the same low price if they choose
  • They can start using ZooWhiz straight away as they don’t need to wait for the school to implement ZooWhiz in their child’s class
  • The Discount Cards greatly reduce the cost of 24/7 Home Access for families. RRP $89.95 discounted to $29.95 per child.
  • The Discount Cards can be used multiple times allowing the addition of extra family members at the same low cost


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