Changes to ZooWhiz FREE Access

Free Limited Mode access to ZooWhiz to cease on 17th August 2015

Since its launch ZooWhiz has been free to access is Limited Mode however access to the full power of ZooWhiz has been by Premium Subscription. This arrangement was in place during our initial development phase however with the release of the Adaptive Learning capacities and the comprehensive reporting now complete it is time for this to change.

During the week commencing 17th August 2015 access to ZooWhiz will change

What changes?

Children will no longer be able to use ZooWhiz for free at home or at school

What stays the same?

  1. Any Home Premium Access continues to work as purchased
  2. Any School Premium Access Tags continue to work as purchased
  3. Parents can still purchase Home Access Subscriptions
  4. Schools and teachers can still purchase Premium Tags giving full school and home access

New Licensing Option

A Whole School Access License will be introduced. This license grants the staff of a school 24/7 administrative access and gives children full access during school hours to all the features of ZooWhiz Learning. With this license children do not have access outside school hours

Introducing the Community Subscription Plan 2.0

This incredible new initiative will enable schools to achieve FREE Perpetual Access to ZooWhiz through a Whole School Access License. it will also give  parents the option to purchase Home Access annual subscriptions at greatly discounted rates. More…