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The Ultimate Learning System that Automatically Adapts for Your Child

Dear Parent,

ZooWhiz is the new intelligent, automated online learning system that enables you to partner with your children’s school to support their progress in maths, spelling, word skills and reading. Your Home Access Discount Card enables you to use ZooWhiz at home with your children at a very special price.

Whether or not their class is currently using ZooWhiz at school, a home subscription will enable your children to progress further and empower you to assist them with their work. Work done at school can be reviewed at home. You can even see their progress against the Australian Curriculum and the NAPLAN Standards.

ZooWhiz Learning builds on the rich experience of EdAlive, the Australian, family owned multi-award winning publisher of educational software loved and used by children the world-over.

When used at home and school ZooWhiz links both worlds together enabling parents and teachers to work together for the benefit of every child.

I trust you enjoy using ZooWhiz with your family.

All the best,

Graham East

Educational Technologist

ZooWhiz Managing Director

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ZooWhiz actively advances each child at their own pace

ZooWhiz Learning automatically adapts to your child’s learning level and then creates an individualised learning pathway just for them. Whether they are struggling or excelling it can challenge them to progress at just the right rate. You can help direct learning if you want to, or leave it to the automated system to create a customised pathway that is just right for them. All the time they are having so much fun they don’t realise they are learning.

Detailed adaptive coverage of core learning areas

  • Ages 4 – 15
  • Comprehensively covers Mathematics, Word Skills including Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar and Usage and Reading
  • Kids have fun building a zoo and learning about animals
  • The inbuilt Adaptive system makes it simple to use yet incredibly powerful and flexible
  • Over 17,000 engaging activities used by millions of students around the world
  • Quickly and automatically adapts to your child’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Plenty of scope to extend the most able or support those who are struggling
  • Detailed coverage of the Australian Curriculum (QLD,SA,WA, NT, TAS), NAPLAN, NSW Syllabus 2014, AUSVels (Vic), NZ TKI, UK National Curriculum 2014, US Common Core
  • NAPLAN pretesting and progressions help prepare and extend your child
  • Creates individualised, fully automated learning pathways for each child in your family

Links learning between home and school

  • Links home and school with each child’s account visible to both parents and teachers
  • View work done at school from home
  • Compare your child’s progress against curriculum and NAPLAN expectations
  • Empowers you to lend a hand yourself or simply let the adaptive intelligence of the system automatically progress your child
  • Automatically profiles your child’s learning landscape giving you a clear view of their achievements and learning challenges

A whole new way of learning

  • Automatically highlights your child’s achievements and struggle points
  • Each activity builds your child’s learning history and highlights their progress against specific curriculum outcomes
  • Enables automated and personalised teaching, assessment, reporting, learning support & extension all in the one powerful package
  • Full sound support to Year 3 lets your child work independently
  • Works on: PC & Mac computers, and iPad, Android and Windows tablets
  • ZooWhiz is produced by EdAlive – an Australian family-owned and operated company


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