Transforming Teaching, Empowering Educators

Automated teaching, assessment, reporting, learning support & extension all in one!

The intelligent online learning system that automatically adapts to each child’s learning needs.

Automated unique learning pathways

ZooWhiz liberates children to learn by intelligently adapting to their needs. It automatically creates a unique learning pathway for each child.
  • The inbuilt Adaptive Learning System empowers educators by automatically implementing fully differentiated learning without the need to constantly monitor and adjust content
  • Automatically devises the optimal learning pathway for each child
  • Sets teachers and parents free from the tedious, time-consuming processes of monitoring and adjusting the system for each child
  • Presents just the right activities at just the right time to maximise learning
  • Self identifies and bridges learning gaps then helps children to mastery step-by-step
  • Actively challenges each child to learn

It’s in a league of its own

All the parts of ZooWhiz work together to complement each other delivering a learning system of unparalleled power, elegance and simplicity.