Automated Adaptive Learning pathways for all

Enables totally individualised differentiated learning

The ZooWhiz Adaptive Learning System automatically creates optimised learning pathways for each child without the intervention of a parent or teacher. It dynamically adjusts to the learning needs of each individual automatically optimising the activities presented category by category and subject by subject.

Liberatingly simple to use

The ZooWhiz Adaptive Learning System frees teachers and parents from the tedium of analysing children’s responses and manually creating learning sequences. It acts as an intelligent, dedicated tutor, continually monitoring and guiding each child.

Teachers can set up an entire class in a matter of moments and be confident that each child is progressing at their optimal rate.

In brief:

  • Ascertains the pre-existing knowledge of each child to determine their optimal learning zone
  • Dynamically adapts each child’s learning pathway informed by the result of every activity they attempt
  • Optimises children’s progression using the fine-grained skills matrix that underlies the 17,000+ activities within ZooWhiz
  • Reinforces success and motivates children to tackle subsequent activities with confidence
  • Tracks the skills mastered by each child and queues the next activities to keep them learning at their optimal rate
  • Prevents children who are struggling from becoming frustrated, and children who are gifted from becoming bored
  • Delivers live assessment data that lets parents and teachers effortlessly evaluate each child’s learning in real-time!
  • Generates powerful, actionable data accessible via the huge range of reporting options

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