Benefits of Adaptive Learning

So easy for teachers and parents

With ZooWhiz Adaptive Learning a parent or teacher can be confident that children are working on suitable activities, rather than wasting time doing easy content, or struggling with content that is too hard. Within a classroom environment, a teacher simply selects a subject area for the class as a whole, and then allows the built-in Adaptive Learning System to curate the individualised learning progression for each child. When more specific control is required, ZooWhiz also has the ability for teachers and parents to set Adaptive Learning Filters or to define customised Content Selections for allocation to any number of children.

Adaptive Reporting – Getting the full picture

As children interact with the Adaptive Learning System they generate data that collates in the ResultVault, building a detailed picture of their progress over time. Because the system is always testing, analysing and tracking students, it readily facilitates assessment of both their historical progress and real-time results. This high value data is fully accessible for teachers and parents giving a detailed achievement profile for each child through the dedicated Adaptive Learning report and the comprehensive regular reports.