How Adaptive Learning Works

Why use Adaptive Learning

With the ZooWhiz Adaptive Learning System, children are presented with educational activities optimised just for them. There is never a wasted moment as every activity delivered is relevant and challenging. The system actively monitors each child’s responses and, when mastery is demonstrated, automatically progresses them or if necessary regresses them. ZooWhiz is fully automated setting teachers and parents free from the tedium of assessment and programming.

How it Works

In Adaptive mode, the system challenges children with activities appropriate for their age level. It automatically presents lower-level activities if they are struggling and higher-level activities if they are excelling until each child is working in their optimal learning zone. Once this base level has been established ZooWhiz then presents each child with a personalised sequence of content precisely calibrated for their learning needs.

Automatic advancement

Each subject in ZooWhiz is broken into many learning categories with multiple difficulty levels. When a child has demonstrated mastery of the skills at one level they are automatically advanced to the next level within that category. This means that a child could be working at one level for Multiplication and a lower or higher level for Measurement and another for Spelling Skills and so on!

Set and forget or customise to focus on specific topics

The moment children start using ZooWhiz they can access the Adaptive Learning capabilities choosing to work through the educational content in order or focusing on either Maths, Word Skills or Reading.

Teachers and Parents can choose to apply Adaptive Learning Filters that guide children to focus on the major subject areas or categories within them.

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