Curriculum Correlation and one-to-one linking

High integrity replication of your local curricula

A wide range of local curricula have been directly encapsulated within ZooWhiz precisely mirroring their internal organisation, hierarchy and terminology.

Direct one-to-one, activity-to-outcome links between all content and your local curricula

All 17,000+ ZooWhiz educational activities are correlated one-to-one with the finest grained elements of each internalised curriculum. Such precision gives teachers and parents an unparalleled capacity to prescribe activities by creating bespoke Content Selections that mirror the structure of the curricula relevant to their situation. They can also generate reports using these same curricula as the report criteria.

  • One-to-one permanent links between all the 17,000 educational activities and the finest grained elements of your local curriculum
  • Mirrors the precise structure and terminology of your local curriculum
  • Select activities and generate reports using your local curriculum’s structure and terminology

Explore The Local Encapsulated Local Curricula:

The comprehensive array of encapsulated curricula mirror your local curricula preserving their hierarchal organisation and terminology. Select your country and then click on the folders to drill down right to bottom of the hierarchy and see for yourself.


New Zealand




Other Countries

Curricula covered include:

  • Australian teachers and parents can choose from:
    • The Australian Curriculum (NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, ACT, NT, WA, TAS)
    • Victorian AusVELS Curriculum (2014)
    • The NSW K-10 Syllabuses (2014)
    • The NAPLAN Standards for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9
    • The Standard ZooWhiz Curriculum – Uses English spelling, $ and Metric units
  • New Zealand teachers and parents can choose from:
  • American teachers and parents can choose from:
  • UK Teachers can and parents choose from:
  • Irish and European teachers and parents can choose from: