The Standard ZooWhiz Curriculum

EdAlive’s universal global curriculum

In addition to your local curricula ZooWhiz also contains its own bespoke Global Educational Structure that allows highly precise targeting of children’s educational needs.

Fine grained, incremental organisation

  • Over 17,000 individual educational activities
  • Three discreet subjects: Maths, Word Skills and Reading
  • Embodies carefully structured learning sequences and progressions
  • Each subject consists of between four and ten carefully-sequenced incremental levels
  • Each progress module is further divided into progress steps
  • Each progress step can be divided into one to ten learning categories

Variants for different countries

Based on the user’s nominated country of origin ZooWhiz automatically chooses a version of the Standard ZooWhiz Educational Structure appropriate to local spelling conventions and units of measure including Australian/British or American spellings, Imperial or Metric units of measure or currencies in $, £ or €.

Developmental history

Starting in 2002 EdAlive began a project to map all of the educational outcomes covered by the major curricula in the English speaking world. The end point of this process was the production of the Standard ZooWhiz Educational Structure and the 17,000 educational activities at the core of ZooWhiz.

Consulted in the original process were the extant curricula of: all Australian states, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Singapore, key US and Canadian states.