Total Differentiated Instruction

Set and forget automated learning or full manual control

Let the automated Adaptive Learning System manage each child’s learning pathway or create bespoke learning progressions for one off or repeated use – the choice is up to you.

Totally automated learning pathways

The Adaptive Learning System enables children to automatically progress creating fully individualised learning pathways for each and every child.

  • Progress systematically through all subjects or…
  • Let children choose to focus on Maths, Word Skills or Reading or…
  • Set Adaptive Learning filters to guide children to focus on Maths, Word Skills or Reading or categories within each of these subject areas

Manual control and intervention

Create bespoke Content Selections that enable teachers and parents to prescribe precise selections of activities and use them to create an infinite number of differentiated learning pathways.

  • Focus on the class as a whole or differentiate instruction child-by-child
  • Create your own bespoke Content Selections based on any curricula with any number or combination of activities
  • Apply multiple Content Selections in any combination to any number of children within a class