Educational Content

Over 17,000 high quality educational activities for children aged 4 to 15+

Maths Word Skills Reading

The educational content at the heart of ZooWhiz has been purpose built to empower parents and teachers to help children learn. It is embedded in a powerful, flexible, easy to use management environment that puts teachers and parents in control and allows for the delivery of totally automated differentiated instruction for each and every child. Learn More

Educational Content Covered

Over 17,000 activities that comprehensively cover mathematics with a huge range of topics; word skills including punctuation, spelling, grammar, vocabulary and phonics and reading with an emphasis on phonemics, comprehension and text types

Each and every activity and their organisation is intentional

  • Each of the educational activities in ZooWhiz has been included to meet specific learning outcomes identified in the comprehensive, rigorous planning that preceded their creation
  • Because each and every activity in ZooWhiz was designed with a particular outcome in mind, there is absolutely no time wasted on superfluous content
  • ZooWhiz activities provide scaffolding for weaker students and enrichment activities that will engage and extend even the most enquiring minds
  • Learning sequences are designed directly into the sequential, finely-incremented educational content
  • The educational content within ZooWhiz has been rigorously tested by millions of users!

Attributes of the ZooWhiz educational activities

  • Children progress sequentially through carefully sequenced levels with each year level broken down into multiple incremental levels
  • Features a broad range of activities and activity types, including text input, missing answer, drag-and-drop, multiple choice, true or false and more!
  • The diversity of activity type and the accompanying humour maintains children’s interest and helps build skills
  • Easy drag-and-drop with snap-to functionality
  • Positive feedback and correction through detailed answer screens gives visual, and in the Reading content, auditory reinforcement
  • Humorous twists keep students engaged and on-task