Content Selections

Create bespoke learning sequences for each and all

In addition to its Adaptive Learning capabilities ZooWhiz enables teachers and parents to create, bespoke Content Selections that enable them to prescribe precise selections of activities. Once created they are then assigned to children one by one, to a whole class or to any combination of the two.

How ZooWhiz Content Selections work:

  • Created from the included bank of over 17,000 educational activities
  • Built using the encapsulated local curricula within ZooWhiz
  • Can be applied to a whole class, selected students in a class or to individuals students
  • Able to be reused again and again
  • Can be shared and used by other teachers at your school
  • Create an unlimited number of Content Selections and apply them in any number of combinations to an unlimited number of children
  • Can be used to create pre tests, post tests, exams and homework tasks
  • Great for designing revision, extension or remediation resources
  • Phenomenally powerful yet quick and easy to create and apply

Advanced capabilities:

  • Copy existing Content Selections of your own or other Trusted teachers, rename them and use as is or modify them to purpose
  • Edit Content Selections with changes taking immediate effect and without the need to reallocate those Content Selections
  • Able to mandate a minimum number of activities a student must answer before being able to work on their own work
  • The results for each Content Selection endure permanently. If it is unapplied from a student or group of students the results are still stored but are no longer visible for those students. If reapplied to the same students the results will reappear