Reporting Overview

Comprehensive, incisive reporting

ZooWhiz produces a myriad of powerful, flexible reports from the results accrued in the ResultVault that give amazing insight into the progress of each child. The reports correlate directly with the included curricula. They enable teachers and parents to zero in on each child’s learning needs and then quickly and easily set work to address their weaknesses and extend them where they need a challenge. The incredible reporting power and flexibility of ZooWhiz facilitates assessment, extension and learning support.

Report by Education Structure

Each Education Structure can be used as a report lens through which to view the results accrued in the ResultVault. Set work based on one Education Structure and report using another!
  • Use the inbuilt Education Structures to profile results using the hierarchy and actual terminology of your Local Curriculum
  • Allows preset educational content in one Education Structure to be reported in another

Report features

  • A wide range of report types with unprecedented detail
  • Powerful, quick and easy report creation
  • Individual and class reports
  • Content Selection reports for work allocated by a parent or teacher
  • Consolidated results for each child’s account
  • View on screen, print or export report data
  • Review actual activities answered correctly and incorrectly
  • View student progress for particular time periods
  • Identify areas of mastery and weakness
  • Compare the progress of any child against the State or National average
  • View crucial data in real time

Export & Print Data

Now you can save or print the data from your reports. Download the data and import it in to your favourite reporting software for further analysis. Print a hard-copy of the reports for a permanent snapshot in time – perfect for student portfolios!

  • Most reports also include the option to export the data as a CSV file
  • Printer-friendly layouts are available for many of the reports to assist with printing