Powerful Adaptive Learning Reports

A unique learning profile for each child

Each child’s unique learning profile is accessible through the concise, powerful Adaptive Learning reports.

These active reports detail progress by learning level and category. By clicking on the smiley faces it’s even possible to see the individual skills mastered and to identify the areas of challenge.

Review progress and activity results in an instant

  • The Pencil Icon shows where children are currently being challenged
  • The Arrows show progression up and down as children move into their optimal learning zone
  • Stars denote mastery of a topic
  • Smiley Faces reflect up-to-the-minute results for each topic worked on
  • Click on the cells in the matrix to revel the contributing skills and related activities
  • View on screen or print for a permanent snapshot
  • Follows the fine grained multiple level progressions of the Standard ZooWhiz Curriculum

Makes learning analysis even easier than ever

  • See at a glance how your students are performing in every topic in each subject
  • Easily compare a student’s skill level between different topics. For example: Evaluate Numeration against Measurement by comparing the mastery level for each topic.
  • Use the Smiley Faces to instantly identify areas of potential weakness so you can focus your resources so that you can assist the child when and where they most need it
  • Each child can clearly see how they are progressing
  • The Smiley Faces and Stars are highly acquisitive and motivational for children
  • Teachers, students and parents share access to the same reports enabling transparency and the integration of support between home and school