Individual Summary Report

The Individual Summary report provides a simple and efficient way to view all of the work a student has completed in a particular subject.

The activities are clearly laid out according to the chosen curriculum structure, this makes it perfect for analysing data against any required curriculum outcomes.

You can also export or print the report for further analysis.

View the data through the lens of your favourite curriculum

  • View the all the results of one student at a time
  • Easy-to-read report follows the same structure as your chosen curriculum
  • Adjust the time-frame and curriculum structure on the fly
  • Ability to drill down to view individual activity responses

Makes it so easy to ensure your students are meeting their required curriculum outcomes

  • Drill down to a particular curriculum outcome using any of the available education structures and instantly see all the activities the student has completed the meet that outcome. Perfect for reporting time!
  • Compare past and present performance and monitor their improvement in real-time
The perfect way to view your students’ results through the lens of any of the available curriculums