Powerful, flexible testing capabilities

The multiple, flexible ways in which teachers can create Content Selections together with the powerful date capable reporting options make it easy to set pre and post test.

Multiple ways to use ZooWhiz for testing

  1. Set specific Curriculum you wish to test against then create Content Selections that contain the activities you wish to use for the test. Set the Activity Target to be equal to the number of activities in the test. Apply the Content Selection to children you wish to take it and then let them take the test. The results will be available in the Content Selection reports.
  2. Create a post-test by duplicating a Content Selection and reapplying it to the same students. The results of the second test will accrue separately to the first.
  3. The results of the tests will be framed using the Curriculum you chose when creating it and be expressed against the specific outcomes and objectives contained within it.