Home and School Subscriptions and how they work

24/7 School Access Tags

24/7 School Access Tags can be purchased by a teacher to give 24/7 access to any students in their school. Individual tags can be linked to a student, which immediately grants him/her access to all ZooWhiz features. Tags are flexible, as student populations are in constant flux, and so they can be linked and unlinked as required. Tags can be purchased at any time, so if there is a need for more tags subsequent to the original purchase, this can be done easily through the Management Console. Tags purchased at the same time will all have the same expiry date. When a tag expires, if a child was linked to the tag, they will be unlinked, and will no longer be able to sign in to ZooWhiz.

24/7 Home Access

24/7 Home Subscription Access can be purchased using a ZooWhiz Parent account. Subscriptions can be purchased for any child linked to the parent account, and provide 24/7 access for the child specified. If ‘automatically renew’ was selected at the time of purchase, the subscription will be rolled over (monthly, annually etc, depending on the purchase plan chosen), and the expiry date will be extended. If ‘automatically renew’ was not selected, 24/7 access will end at the time of the home subscription expiry, and the child will no longer be able to sign in to ZooWhiz.

24/7 Free Home Trial

24/7 Free Home Trials provide a child with 24/7 Access. They are automatically activated on the creation of a child account by a parent or child, and last for 14 days, allowing the child to sign into ZooWhiz without having to purchase 24/7 Home Access immediately. On sign in, the child will be reminded that they are on a short trial, and will lose access through the trial soon.

Whole School Licence

A Whole School Licence endures for 12 months and gives every student in the school access to all of the features of ZooWhiz during school hours. Students are unable to use ZooWhiz outside of school hours. Teachers are able to access all of the administrative features of ZooWhiz 24/7 (full time)

Class/Teacher Trial

A 21-day School-hours Class Trial is available to teachers if they haven’t trialed ZooWhiz yet, and have no other access options active. The trial provides school-hours only access to any student in a class with the teacher who is using the trial.

Voucher (Libraries + PrePaid Vouchers)

Vouchers can be redeemed to provide immediate 24/7 Access to ZooWhiz for a child account. Vouchers can be obtained from vendors, and certain libraries around Australia and New Zealand. Vouchers have a set expiry period, after which time the child will no longer have access.

How the different types of account work together

All of these types of access work hand in hand with each other. If a child is in a school that has a Whole School Licence, and their parent has purchased 24/7 Home Access, that child will be able to use ZooWhiz in and out of school-hours, but the other children in the school would be restricted to school-hours only. Likewise, if a teacher at a school with a Whole School Licence purchased 24/7 Access Tags, and linked the tags to all children in a single class so that homework could be completed, that class would have 24/7 access, and the rest of the school would continue to get School-Hours access only.