ZooWhiz keeps kids safe

A completely safe, cyber-bully free  environment

ZooWhiz has been designed with the safety of it’s child users in mind. Their immunity from bullying and the privacy of their data have been vital design imperatives from inception.

Key Safeguards

  • Children’s accounts must always be linked to either a parent or teacher account or both
  • Limits the display of personal information to protect children’s identities
  • Uses the Trusted School Community to ensure that only teachers from the child’s school are able to access their data
  • Children are unable to communicate with each other or with adults via ZooWhiz, rendering it impossible for inappropriate communications to occur
  • No Google ads, no third party advertising banners, no ability for outside parties to display material on a child’s screen

Password Control

  • Teachers can choose to leave the child’s surname field completely blank, enter a single letter or the whole surname
  • Teachers can choose to use as little as one letter in the child’s surname field thus concealing the identity of the children

  • Children can make ZooWhiz remember their username but not their password, making it difficult for others to sign in to a child’s account