Class and School Management Made Simple

Administrative power cloaked in elegant simplicity

ZooWhiz is designed to be intuitive to use and as simple and easy as possible for teachers to administer saving them time and effort. Its design is mindful of the complexity of school life and is designed to compliment the way schools work.

Packed with powerful, time saving tools

  • Automated Adaptive Learning pathways for all
  • Enables totally, individualised differentiated learning
  • OneAccount for each child  eliminating duplication and consolidating results for easy access
  • Each child can be a member of multiple classes
  • Virtual groups within classes
  • The Trusted School Community enables any teacher to assist any other teacher and to administer ZooWhiz
  • In-built safeguards in the Trusted School Community allow nonintrusive protection of your school’s data
  • Simple, clear design and layout makes finding features easy
  • Powerful easy to use tools for student and class management
  • Video tutorials make training and staff development quick and easy