A Single Account for Each Child

Powerful, simple account management

Each Child’s Single Account holds the complete record of their ZooWhiz activity and follows them throughout their school life. It is accessible from home and school and can migrate with them from school to school.

How the Single Accounts work

  • Each child using ZooWhiz is issued with a single enduring account
  • The same account is used to consolidate results from activities completed at home or at school
  • All Single Account must be linked to either a school or a parent or both ensuring that the child’s learning is actively monitored
  • Results from Adaptive Learning activity, Free Play and Content Selections consolidate in the same account
  • Parents and teachers can both access the date in the child’s account
  • The consolidated data in a child’s account enables the creation of a wide range of rich reports allowing parents and teachers to monitor progress

Simplified operation in schools

  • Greatly simplifies the administration of ZooWhiz for schools
  • Teachers can place the same child in multiple classes
  • A child can be a member of multiple classes, managed by single or multiple teachers
  • Children’s accounts are transferrable between classes and schools
  • Both parents and teachers can access the child’s records