Sound Support

Enabling younger children to work independently

The ZooWhiz sound support system allows younger users to work independently as if they had an adult to read along with them!

Often with online systems the reading necessary for a child to engage in an activity is too complex for their reading ability. With Sound Support built right into ZooWhiz it’s like having a teacher or parent sit and read with the child

The exciting details

  • Full Sound Support voiced in a neutral Australian/English accent for all activities up to year 3 facilitate independent working for younger children
  • Over 6,000 (35%) of the 17,000 activities in ZooWhiz feature sound support: Mathematics-3,200, Word Skills-1100, Reading-1,960
  • The level of sound support in the reading activities extends to the answer screens allowing auditory reinforcement of the correct response
  • As the reading age increases sound support is reduced to allow children to think the meaning of the text rather than verbalise individual words as they read

Sound support is not included for activities past year 3 as, by this stage children are able to read and constant verbalisation may delay the maturation of reading skills.

Example of an activity with integrated sound: