The ResultVault

Preserves a rich trove of children’s results

The ZooWhiz ResultVault records in perpetuity the date and result of each activity answered by each child.

How the ResultVault works

  • Every time a child completes an educational activity the result and date is recorded
  • The results all add together whether children are working from home or school directed by both parents and teachers
  • Consolidates the results from Adaptive Learning mode, Free Play and Content Selections
  • Consolidates and at the same time discriminates between the results for activities completed in Adaptive Learning Mode, Content Selections and My Play

What the ResultVault means in practice

  • Enables in-depth analysis of each child’s progress in real time (now) and over time (history)
  • Teachers and parents are able to access a wide range of flexible reports that detail each child’s consolidated progress
  • Enables the use of Content Selections to create testing regimes with pre and post testing