The ZooWhiz Trusted School Community

Keeping kids safe is our top priority

The ZooWhiz Trusted School Community is a high trust environment that ensures that a school’s data is kept safe from prying eyes and limits a teacher’s access until they become ‘Trusted’.

Seamless safety

ZooWhiz guards children’s safety and privacy by ensuring that only Trusted Teachers are able to interact with the accounts of children whose accounts they did not create. This essential privacy control is seamlessly achieved through the unique ZooWhiz Trusted School Community. More…

Any Trusted Teacher can act as an Administrator

With ZooWhiz any Trusted Teacher can act as an administrator. The completely circumvents issues that arise when a system with a single administrator is absent or uncontactable.

Share Content Selections and work with others classes

Any Trusted Teacher can view the results for any child in the school. Trusted Teachers can share each other’s Content Selections and apply them to their own classes