Help: Linking Accounts for Home and School

OneAccount for life at home and school

Each Child’s ZooWhiz OneAccount follows them throughout their school life and is accessible from home and school.

How ZooWhiz linking works

  • Each child’s OneAccount must be linked to either a school or a parent account or both thus ensuring that the their learning is actively monitored
  • A child’s OneAccount can migrate with them from school to school
  • When a child’s OneAccount is linked to a school, it can be used without time based activity restrictions inside school hours
  • When a child’s One Account is linked to a FREE Parent Management Account, it can be used with time based activity restrictions outside of school hours
  • For PREMIUM Zoologist Accounts, their use of ZooWhiz is unlimited, and they can make the most of all the features and benefits that ZooWhiz offers.

Teachers – Enabling Parents link to their child’s account

  • If you are a teacher and have created child accounts for the children in your class and want the children to use them at home as well as school then:
    • Sign in to your FREE Teacher Management Account and print out the “ZooWhiz Home Use Letters”. These letters list the child’s username and password and give parents instructions on creating a FREE Parent Account and linking with their child’s account.
    • Send a copy of the “ZooWhiz Home Use Letter” home with each child.

Parents – Linking to your child’s school-generated account

  • If a teacher at your child’s school uses ZooWhiz, they may have created a FREE Keeper Account for your child. If this is the case, your child can benefit from using this same FREE Keeper Account at home.
  • In order for them to use this account at home, you will need to register a FREE Parent Management Account and link it to your child’s existing FREE Keeper Account
  • To link your FREE Parent Management Acount to your Child’s account:
    • Sign in to your FREE Parent Management Account
    • Click on “Link Child’s Account” at the bottom of the screen
    • Enter your child’s username and password
    • Click “Link”
  • You child’s teacher may have printed off and sent you a copy of the “ZooWhiz Home Use Letter” detailing their username and password. If this is not the case, talk to your teacher and ask them for the username and password.)
  • You can now take advantage of the features of ZooWhiz being used at home and at school. If you want your child to get even more from ZooWhiz, consider upgrading them to a PREMIUM Zoologist Account.

Linking to an existing ZooWhiz OneAccount or changing schools

Children’s OneAccounts that have been created by a child and linked to a parent (or have been created by a parent) can be linked to a school. Children’s OneAccounts that have been created by a teacher at one school can be linked to another school if the child moves.

Teachers – Requesting that a school links to a child account

  • If you have a FREE Teacher Management Account, you can request that an existing child be linked to your school.
  • To request that your school is linked with a child’s existing OneAccount, sign in to your FREE Teacher Management Account and navigate to the linking screen. All you need is the child’s username, so enter it and click Link. (If you don’t know the child’s username, talk to their parent. If the child is already linked to another school, ask their parent to first de-link them from their current school.)
  • The child’s parent will be sent an email to confirm their child is in your class and goes to your school. Upon the parent’s confirmation, you will be sent an email letting you know that the child is now linked to your school.
  • The child’s account can then be linked to the class of any teacher in the school. To affect this linking the teacher signs in to their FREE Teacher Management Account and clicks “Link Child to Class”

Parents – Receiving requests to link to a school

  • If you have a FREE Parent Management Account, your teacher may want your child to use ZooWhiz at school using the same child account that they use at home. If this is the case, they can request that their school is linked with your child’s account (see above). You can view the teacher and school that made this request by signing in to your FREE Parent Management Account and viewing your child’s profile.
  • If you would like your to make the most of ZooWhiz by using it both at home and at school, confirm their attendance at this school by clicking Confirm. If you do not want to link your child’s account with the school (or you distrust the linking request made by the teacher), deny their linking request by clicking “Deny”.
  • After confirming your child’s attendance at the school, their progress in the Zoo and Arcade games will not only be saved, but their learning will also be integrated at home and at school!