System Requirements

Due to the flexible design of ZooWhiz it will run on any computer that supports the following. (Note that ZooWhiz can automatically detect your computer’s compatibility.)

  • Broadband Internet connection at home
    • You’ll need a broadband Internet connection of 256 kbps or greater. Most connections are this fast or faster
    • ZooWhiz just won’t work with a dial up modem. Most ADSL or cable Internet connections are sufficient
  • Broadband Internet connection at school
    • Sufficient bandwidth in proportion to the number of users accessing the system
  • Flash
    • You need Flash Player 10, not 9 or 8 installed in your web browser
    • The earliest version of Flash Player supported is 10.2.0
    • If you don’t have Flash 10, you can download it for free from
  • Monitor Resolution
    • You’ll need a computer screen with a minimum resolution of 1024×768

Note: If you are required to upgrade your internet browser and/or Flash, please clear your cache/delete temporary internet files after installing.

Technical matters

No need for upgrades

  • With ZooWhiz you won’t need to upgrade or change versions. We look after all of that for you. simply log on and as long as you are using a supported browser and have a good Internet connection ZooWhiz will be trouble free.

Optimised for speed

  • We’ve optimised ZooWhiz to load and run quickly on standard computers with a broadband Internet connection

No need to clear cache

  • ZooWhiz Smart Caching ensures that you are always using the latest version of ZooWhiz eliminating the need to manually clear your browser’s cache

Mobile phones and iPad