Teachers: Managing ZooWhiz Accounts

Simple steps for managing ZooWhiz Accounts for your class

  • Create a FREE Teacher Management Account for your own use
  • Create FREE Keeper Accounts and classes to suit your needs
  • Link any existing FREE Keeper Accounts or PREMIUM Zoologist Subscriptions to your FREE Teacher Management Account
  • Use the powerful management tools in your FREE Teacher Management Account to manage the children in your class

Any and all teachers can manage ZooWhiz for your school

We’ve built ZooWhiz to be quick and easy to work with across your school by building in the ZooWhiz “Trusted School Community” capability. There’s a TrustKEY code for your school that you can obtain from any teacher already using ZooWhiz in your school. Simply enter this TrustKEY as you log into your Teacher Management Account (you can skip this bit if you want) and you’ll be able to help other teachers, view and manage children’s details across the school and even act as the ZooWhiz administrator for your school. For more information click here.