Help: The ZooWhiz Trusted School Community

Collaborate, administer and protect

The capabilities of the ZooWhiz “Trusted School Community” allow you to collaborate and share resources with other teachers from your school community and perform administration tasks for any class in your school.  It also ensures that only teachers from your school can access your school’s ZooWhiz data keeping it safe and secure.

Safety first

As ZooWhiz allows anyone to start a teacher account and join your school it is important that we limit their access until they authorised to do so. We do this through the unique ZooWhiz Trusted School Community. This trusted-community environment ensures that your school’s data is kept safe from prying eyes and limits a teacher’s access until they become ‘trusted’.  Keeping kids safe is our top priority! More…

How it works

Each ZooWhiz school is allocated a TrustKEY . You can obtain this TrustKEY from any existing teacher in your school’s ZooWhiz Trusted School Community, or if you are the first teacher to create a ZooWhiz Teacher Management Account we’ll send it directly to you. You should only share your school’s TrustKEY with teachers at your school that you know and trust.

Without the TrustKEY, your ZooWhiz Teacher Management Account will be limited to functions relating only to the children and classes that you create.

Features of the ZooWhiz Trusted School Community

  1. Collaborate with other teachers
    1. Share your Content Selections with other teachers
    2. Use or copy Content Selections created by other teachers
    3. Review reports and statistics of students in any class
  2. Manage classes and child accounts right across your school
    1. Add new students to the classes of other teachers
    2. Assign existing students to classes of other teachers
    3. Assign students to multiple classes
    4. Print sign in cards for any class
  3. Manage and protect your school’s Trusted School Community
    1. Create Trusted Teacher Accounts on behalf of other staff teachers
    2. Share the Trust Key with other teachers
    3. Protect the integrity of your Trusted School Community by reporting suspicious teacher registrations
  4. Manage PREMIUM subscriptions
    1. Purchase PREMIUM subscriptions
    2. Allocate PREMIUM tags to any student in any class

Outstanding power, flexibility and protection

The power of the ZooWhiz “Trusted School Community” sets ZooWhiz apart from all other online learning systems giving you unparalleled collaborative power and the flexibility to safely manage ZooWhiz within your school community.