Mobile ZooWhiz FAQs

ZooWhiz for Mobiles is a special version of ZooWhiz that has been specially modified to work with today’s mobile computing devices.

Q. What mobile devices does it work on?

A. ZooWhiz will work on virtually any modern mobile device without the need for an installed app.

Apple: All versions of the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
Android: Any device running Android 3 or later
Windows 8 Mobile: Any device running Windows 8 Mobile

Q. Why do mobile devices need a special version of ZooWhiz?

A. When you access ZooWhiz from your desktop or laptop computer ZooWhiz uses the Flash plug in working in your computer’s Internet browser to display ZooWhiz. Apple’s iOS found on all its mobile devices cannot use web sites that use Flash as their browsers do not support the Flash plug in. This means that we have had to rebuild the display for ZooWhiz Mobile using HTML5 and do some smart work on the ZooWhiz server.

Q. Do I need to use an App on an Apple mobile device to view ZooWhiz?

A. No. ZooWhiz for Mobiles runs right in your browser without the need for an App like Photon, iSwifter’s Rover. These Apps are OK for viewing sites with Flash content but do not work well with web sites like ZooWhiz. You can also use ZooWhiz for Mobiles directly from an Android device with no need for an App.

Q. Is ZooWhiz for Mobiles the same as ZooWhiz for Mac and Windows computers?

A. Yes and No! Both versions of ZooWhiz use the same usernames and passwords and keep the results in the same tables on the same server. This means that the coins earnt and the results achieved are all accessible from mobiles, and PCs irrespective of which device you accessed ZooWhiz from. ZooWhiz for Mobiles lets children choose and complete activities but to spend coins on animals or Arcade Games they need to sign in to ZooWhiz from a Mac or Windows computer. It is very common for mobile versions of web sites to be of a different design and capability to the full sites accessible from more powerful computers.

Q. How do I access ZooWhiz for Mobiles from my mobile device?

A. Simply type in in the browser on your mobile device. The ZooWhiz web site will automatically redirect you to