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Information for Parents

Educational Focus

Over 17,000 high quality educational activities for children aged 5 to 15+

Unparalleled power to design personalised learning experiences for each and every child

Educational Content Covered

  • Zero in on your child’s learning needs using the mirror of your local curriculum built right into ZooWhiz
  • 17,000 fine grained activities giving comprehensive coverage of mathematics, punctuation, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, word skills, phonics, phonemics and reading
  • Powerful learning progressions that truly engage kids
  • Each of the educational activities in ZooWhiz has been included to meet specific learning outcomes
  • The educational content in ZooWhiz is of the highest standard and meets or exceeds the curriculum requirements of your child’s school
Maths Word Skills Reading

Powerful reporting puts you in control

  • Clear, concise reports enabling the informed creation and customisation of individual learning progressions