Q. What is the minimum number of 24/7 Access Tags I can purchase?

A. Five

Can I purchase more 24/7 Access Tags at a later date?

A. Yes

Q. Do 24/7 Access Tags belong to a class or a school?

A. The 24/7 Access Tags belong to the school. 24/7 Access Tags purchased by a class or by the school as whole can be applied to any child account within the school’s “ZooWhiz Trusted School Community”. This means that any extra or unused Tags not needed by one class can be applied to child accounts in other classes.

Q. What happens to 24/7 Access Tags when a child leaves a school?

A. ZooWhiz allows a teacher to move a 24/7 Access Tag from one child to another. This means that should a child leave the school or for some other reason you want to take a Tag from one child and apply it to another then you can. Some schools take that view that the Tag belongs to the child whilst others see it as the property of the school. It is up to the individual school to work out their own policy in this regard.

Q. How long does a 24/7 Access Tag last?

A. 12 months from the date of purchase or until the anniversary of the purchase of the first Tag.

Q. Won’t 24/7 Access Tags purchased at different times expire at different times?

A. No. An Anniversary Date is set 12 months from the purchase of the first Tags by a school. Subsequent purchases expire on this same Anniversary Date. The 24/7 Access Tag Calculator reduces the price of Tags that are purchased subsequently to the first Tags with the renewal date for ALL Tags being on the Anniversary Date. This means that if the full price of a Tag was $8 and the subsequent purchase was 6 months after the first then the cost of the additional Tags would be $4 each until the Anniversary Date.