ZooWhiz is no longer FREE

Since its inception ZooWhiz has operated as a FREE service with paid Premium Home and School Subscriptions for those wanting more power and flexibility.

Now that ZooWhiz is fully mature we have found the FREE/Premium model to be too limiting so, after much deliberation we have made a change and have discontinued FREE access. We also changed the way Home and school subscriptions work. For more information click here

ZooWhiz is no longer FREE

On 1st October 2015 ZooWhiz began operating as a Paid Service with Free Trials.

Free Trials in place but expiring shortly

At the time of conversion from FREE/Premium to the new system all school and home users were given a free trial of the fully featured ZooWhiz. This trail will expire shortly.

Our support to help you move to a paid subscription

To ensure your ongoing access to ZooWhiz with all of its power we’re offering greatly discounted subscriptions to all of our users for the next few weeks.

Purchase Options to Continue ZooWhiz Access

The new 24/7 Access School Subscriptions

The old “Premium Tags” are now called “24/7 Access Tags”. The new tags work in the same way as the old tags. Schools purchase as many as needed and apply them to the children at the school. The difference is that child accounts without a tag will become inoperable both at school and at home. View Pricing…

The new Home Subscriptions

Children without a home subscription or a school applied 24/7 Access Tag will no longer be able to access ZooWhiz. A Home Subscription will give full access for the child and give parents access to the powerful reporting and management tools. View Pricing…

Whole School Access Licence (School-hours only)

School-hours (8:30am – 4pm) access to ZooWhiz is also available. This provides teachers with the ability to manage their classes 24 hours a day and allows students to login during school hours (24/7 Access may be purchased separately).   View Pricing…