Customer Testimonials


foot.pngMy son James and I love playing
“ZooWhiz is absolutely fantastic. My son James and I love playing. Can’t wait until my little girl is a bit older so she can play as well. Looking forward to the official release then I will definitely sign up James to be a zoologist.” Karin – Parent

foot.png“ZooWhiz is working well! My Harry loves it. Great for the school holidays. Thanks!” Pamela – Parent, Australia

foot.pngBoth of them love it!
“…I am the parent of two children (aged 4 & 6) who have been using your site for the past week. Both of them love it! The personal Zoos and Arcade Games are great motivators for them to complete the educational activities (which are fun and engaging in themselves). I find that the girls like to set a money goal for each ‘Zoo Session’ and are competing with each other on getting the biggest number of zoo animals in their alloted time. The fact that they have to ‘pay’ to play the Arcade Games is great too – it means they HAVE to do some of the educational actives before they get to play the games :)” Hollie – Parent, Australia


foot.pngThe educational content is really fresh and relevant!
“I really rave about ZooWhiz! I love the way students are captivated and motivated by it. I find it fantastic that I can use the one system for serious learning tasks and that same system to reward students in free time. The educational content is really fresh and relevant! The children respond really well to the way the activates in ZooWhiz tell them what to do in a "non-condescending way". You can tell the difference between ZooWhiz other programmes quite clearly in this regard. They really liked the smiley face feedback that lets them know how they are doing and they loved spending the coins they’d earnt to play games in their free time. From a teacher’s point of view I really like the way I can target specific students’ learning gaps. As ZooWhiz is constantly collecting information it is a wonderful source of assessment information accessible at any time without the need to administer yet another test. Compared to other online systems we found ZooWhiz to be more encompassing. In the past we have had separate online maths and reading systems but this leads to problems with multiple user names and passwords and the children have to learn the different interfaces for each programme. With ZooWhiz is all in one place with one username and password for each child. Compared to Studyladder ZooWhiz is so much more interesting for the students to use. ZooWhiz really excites them.” Michelle Haley – Classroom Teacher Kelvin Road School

foot.pngZooWhiz is really engaging and motivates the students to do well!
“We were really pleased with ZooWhiz. It compares very favourably with other online resources and covers such a huge range of ages and abilities. I particularly like the fact that it offers both literacy and numeracy and many of the parents commented on this too. It’s great the way you can use the teacher controls to select areas of focus for the students. It worked really well on our school network. ZooWhiz is really engaging and motivates the students to do well! They liked the graphics and animations and the idea of buying animals to build a zoo. Even dinosaurs! Here’s what some of our students said “It helps me to understand my maths” “I like the millstones. Its fun” “You get to choose, I can practise what I am good at”” Raylene, Teacher at Nakara Primary School in NT

foot.pngI’ll definitely continue to use ZooWhiz!
“In our school, we used ZooWhiz with children ranging in age from 8 to 13 years old. We used it give continued practise to students in the areas of spelling reading, grammar and maths.

The students liked ZooWhiz because it supported their learning and in their words:
"We like being able to earn animals for our zoos."

"It doesn't feel like we are doing hard work."

"The animals are cool!"

They really enjoyed earning their animals and did not see the exercises as onerous tasks.

ZooWhiz compares well to all other online learning sites that we use.  I will definitely continue to use it for reading, grammar and punctuation support and have not found any other comparable site or program in this area. I really love the way the reports let me see at a glance how they are all going.

The learning activities are all correlated to the NZ TKI (the local NZ curriculum) and in our use we found no errors or issues. The levels were easily translated for all students, and the difficulty of activities was appropriate.  With our special learning needs children it was easy to establish an appropriate learning level and then allow them to practise and build confidence.

We have a range of computers in our school running everything from XP to Win 8.1.  With ZooWhiz we did not encounter any problems whatsoever.  Great stuff!

The training material was really useful.  It was good to go back and revisit from time-to-time and make sure things were being done in the best way possible.

ZooWhiz is simply fantastic. It is simple to use, gives teachers access to comprehensive information on the children’s performance, keeps the kids engaged with a wonderful range of fun activities and gives great learning reinforcement. I’ll definitely continue to use ZooWhiz!”
Dave, Teacher South Featherston School

foot.png It is a great, engaging website
“I really enjoyed seeing the kids so engaged in their learning. Children love ZooWhiz. It is a great, engaging website where students are the drivers of their own education. Overwhelming they loved being able to earn coins to buy more animals for their zoo. This is a wonderful incentive that keeps them interested and gives them motivation to continue answering questions, long past the allocated time frame. Incorporating the time limit on games is a nice touch too! The interface is easy for children to navigate and they are focus-driven by earning coins to buy animals for their zoo – Love it! Students and parents alike loved the ZooWhiz experience. It works well as an addition to other set homework tasks and it feels (to them) that they have been simply playing on the computer. The parents really liked the way the students could regulate what they completed.” Rodney Bullivant Classroom teacher November 2014

foot.png“ZooWhiz is so easy to navigate and really teacher/student friendly. It has become an essential part of my classes’ daily routine.” Mardi Wilcox Classroom teacher November 2014

foot.png...ZooWhiz is the perfect home/school tool
“I think ZooWhiz is the perfect home/school tool. It is transparent to all parties and engaging and colourful for the students. There was a clear link between home use and increased school performance with these students performing above grade level. The activities were well matched to the National Curriculum at Foundation Level where I used it.” Natalie Salder Leading Teacher – Foundation November 2014

foot.png This is a really useful tool
“My favourite part of ZooWhiz is the Individual Summary Report. It shows me at a glance what is happening with the activities I set and it’s so useful to see an actual description of the tasks they are finding difficult. This is a really useful tool I can use along side my other observations and helps me work out where next to take each child next with his learning. The children loved the opportunity to earn points and play games. They also enjoyed going at their own pace through the activities” Michelle Haley Classroom teacher November 2014

foot.pngAdds a totally different flavour to the often-humdrum repetitive activities of other online apps
“I use a huge range of online resources in my classroom and have done so for many years. I find ZooWhiz to be a great all round system covering both Maths and English as well as having a host of great science and life skill facts. ZooWhiz compares very well with the best-of-the-best and is way more interesting than Spelling City or Study Ladder. ZooWhiz is a really good all rounder for any time of day.

The kids have a lot of fun using it. The fabulous facts it provides about the animals some kids really click with – particularly some of my special needs kids.

It’s colourful and holds the interest of the kids for a long time. The children really like to collect the animals. There is a great deal of fuss when a new animal is discovered, with friends trying to collect it too. They are very much motivated by reward for achievement so they see ZooWhiz as fun. I like the fact that I can send them off to do ZooWhiz and it keeps them all busy for a while.

I particularly like your new links to the National Curriculum and the NSW Syllabus and all the enhanced reporting capabilities and the related data exports. They are absolutely terrific. These capacities give me way more info than I have ever had from any other online program. It’s just way better than any of the others at this stage! I will find these capacities really useful at report time and I am already using them to create focus lessons on areas of need.

I found no errors or issues of concern with the educational activities and the correlation to the curricula. The levels are appropriate and totally flexible. The correlation with the National Curriculum is going to work for me very soon.

There is absolutely nothing that bugged me about ZooWhiz. I have had frequent problems with browsers and versions when using Spelling City, Reading Eggspress and Mathletics and it can be very frustrating. So it’s a great relief that when I go to ZooWhiz, it actually works.

ZooWhiz is a totally unique offering. Some of the other online systems have their place in certain sessions and don’t really crossover. I am interested to see how far you guys can take ZooWhiz because it is a good Aussie product and adds a totally different flavour to the often-humdrum repetitive activities of other online apps. ZooWhiz is a totally unique offering. Some of the other online systems have their place in certain sessions and don’t really crossover. I am interested to see how far you guys can take ZooWhiz because it is a good Aussie product and adds a totally different flavour to the often-humdrum repetitive activities of other online apps.”
Bruce Robinson Deputy Principal and ICT Coordinator November 2014

foot.png“The interface is fantastic – really appealing to kids and easy to navigate. The activities are also appropriate to the students’ age/level – not too easy, not too difficult.” Jessica – Teacher, QLD Australia

foot.png“I just tried out the Arcade because I wanted to see the activities for each age level. I really like the fact that you have it diversified so that my lower reading students will be able to enjoy the program along with my enrichment students….Thank you for providing a free, educational BUT fun website for teachers.” Lisa – Teacher, Asheville USA


foot.png“I find it so enjoyable. It has lots of characters and colours. I think it’s good that you can actually make a zoo and buy animals, I also like how you have to gain points from the activities to keep playing.” Student – Year 8, SA Australia

foot.png“I like it because it’s fun and there’s lots of activities and they taught me some things when on highest age level. Finding the step in a procedure was my favourite. Overall the website is educational.” Student – Year 8, SA Australia

foot.png“I think that the ZooWhiz website is fun and I think it’s good that we can buy new games by answering difficult questions. I think that the arcade games are enjoyable and are a good motivation for people to answer more questions.” Student – Year 8, SA Australia

foot.png“ZooWhiz is really fun to play. I like it when you can buy animals that no longer exist and find out stuff about them; that makes me want to play it more. It has taught me a lot of things that I may need in the future.” Student – Year 8, SA Australia

foot.png“…I thought that overall, the site was great because there were lots of features on it. The Learn & Earn feature was really good because you had three different subjects: Reading, Words and Mathematics. In it you can earn coins by learning new things. I also liked that there were different age groups and different stages in them for people on different levels…” Student – Year 5, VIC Australia

foot.png“It’s great! You get lots of coins for answering questions, sometimes even more than you are expecting” Student – Year 3, New Zealand

foot.png“Thanks for making the game and letting us use it at our school – we love it!” Student – Year 4, New Zealand

foot.pngI love the animals
“It is so much fun! I love the animals and there are lots to choose from.” Student – Year 3, New Zealand

Website Reviews

foot.png“…I like the way that ZooWhiz has set up the school and classroom accounts to be linked with a home account.  This makes it easy for both parents and teachers to stay aware of what skills students are working on, where they are successful, and where they could use some additional help…” Kelly Tenkely –