ZooWhiz reviews from mums and dads

A group of mums and dads recently reviewed the Premium version of ZooWhiz and gave it top marks! Their kids loved using ZooWhiz Premium but most of all they could see them learning!

What the mums and dads had to say


foot.png“Zoo Whiz is pure learning fun. My kids ask to play Zoo Whiz and when they are playing I feel confident that they are actually learning new material and reinforcing skills that I want them to know.”
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foot.png“ZooWhiz is so professionally done and user friendly, I am shocked to learn how affordable it is!”
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foot.png“My kids absolutely love playing ZooWhiz. It’s become a great incentive to finish their schoolwork, so they can have a turn on it. You have to love it when kids view an educational game as a reward. Mom sees extra practice in math, reading, word skills, punctuation, and grammar. The kids see educational games, coins earned, and a growing collection of animals in their Biodome.”
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foot.png“Teaching 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 9th grade all under one roof can be a wee bit daunting at times … This is when I say, “Thank you ZooWhiz”, because they can all hop on the computer and get their learning done (and have fun too). ZooWhiz has a lot more patience than I do as well! ZooWhiz is a great way for my children to practice and review what I have taught them in an enjoyable, fun, way.”
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foot.png“I loved that my kids could choose the animals they wanted to and that there was plenty of information for them to learn about those animals! Faith (5) loves elephants so this was one of the first animals she bought. Each of the tabs slides over when clicked and pulls out all of the info. Very cool!

After every 10 questions they get finished it shows how many they got correct and they get to watch a short 5-second funny animation. Faith loved this part. She would always call me in the room to watch these.
My kids all really enjoyed the program and would beg to play it!”
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foot.png“ZooWhiz is a great motivational resource for academic efforts. The educational activities are truly interactive and the activities span a wide range of knowledge and concepts, both in Maths and Language. The Math activities include a lot of problems and not just mechanics and the activities are challenging and require thought; guesses won’t do it!”
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foot.png“I’m very impressed with ZooWhiz! The activities are colourful and engaging, and there’s a wide variety even within each subject, which keeps interest level high. The games seem just right for the levels, challenging but not too difficult. You can see multiple sample activities for each age and subject on this page to get an idea of what I mean, and take an actual tour of the game here. I think ZooWhiz is a great, fun way to practice and reinforce basic skills in the 3R’s for a wide range of ages!”
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foot.png“I was really pleased with ZooWhiz. It is a visually pleasing website that is super easy to navigate which is wonderful for students independent learning. I loved how my children wanted to play. They loved the Zoo aspect of the program and it was just the right motivation to keep them coming back.

My favourite thing about ZooWhiz was the levelling system for students. When you begin you choose an age floor (the level for your student). This is easy to change if needed, but I was so pleasantly surprised that the age range for my children was a correct choice. I have found on several online programs that either the lessons for their age range were much too easy or much too hard leading to boredom or frustration while playing. We had none of that in our experience with ZooWhiz. Both children had a good balance of questions with good review questions and questions that challenged them as well.

I think ZooWhiz makes a great supplement to any homeschooling curriculum and is great learning for all children. It is fun, interactive, and educational. What more could you ask? I know that it will be a staple in our learning resources for a long time to come.”
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foot.png“My kids (6 & 4) have really enjoyed using ZooWhiz. As a parent I really like the detailed results page. I can easily hop on and see where my kids are excelling and struggling. I think ZooWhiz is wonderful. My kids loved playing it. I think the content and activities are great. I’m excited to see what changes are made as they continue working to improve.”
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Over Yonder

foot.png“I really like the colourful graphics in ZooWhiz and the fact that the kids have to earn tokens to either buy new animals for their zoo or to play arcade games. I also find it very beneficial that the parent is able to change the different levels based on what their child already knows. The animal theme is a big plus.
Overall though I think there is a lot of great potential for this learning website and I look forward to the kids trying it out over the next year!”
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foot.png“ZooWhiz was a big hit at our house. When I asked Chad his thoughts on ZooWhiz, he said his favourite things about the website were buying the animals and the Arcade, and he thinks it would be fun for all kids. I like that it is educational, but he is having fun learning!”
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foot.png“I really appreciate how the makers of ZooWhiz have chosen fun games where I don’t have to worry about the content. As I have mentioned over and over above, we have really enjoyed ZooWhiz. I find that the biggest critic of online educational programs is the child using them, and Jacob really loves using this one. And, he is really learning as well!”
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foot.png“I think ZooWhiz is a great program that has wonderful educational games for such an amazing low price. The educational games are great practice on a variety of subjects and the questions seem to be right on target not to hard, but hard enough to make him think you don’t always find that with programs.”
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foot.png“This is just about the easiest review I have done in a long time. Why? It is because my little one LOVED THE PROGRAM! There was not one day that he didn’t want to “go onto his zoo”! He really liked the games, the points, the animals and all! I liked that I could adjust the levels to suit his needs before or after the computer worked with the adjusting. I liked that the program would be used for such a variety of ages. I lovvvvved the premium features of more animals, more games, and a whole slew of extra cool stuff! I lovvve the price! I liked that the program had the choice of currency and units of measurement in both American and British. This is awesome for folks all over!”
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foot.png“We have had a lot of fun with Zoo Whiz. There is a wide variety of learning activities available. You are able to customize each area to your child’s ability. For my son who is under grade level in reading, but above in math I could adjust his level accordingly. As the student answers the questions he is given immediate feedback. If they get the answer incorrect they are given the chance to try again. If they still do not answer correctly they are shown the answer and move on to the next question. Our most favourite part of Zoo Whiz is collecting the animal stickers. We were truly amazed at the amount and types of different animals! Where else could you possibly collect and learn about everything from a golden hamster, to a koala, to a unicorn. My children loved reading and learning about their animals as they collected them.”
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foot.png“We loved ZooWhiz! This was a game that Kayley asks to play – even on weekends! I felt great knowing she was learning and just not playing mind-numbing computer games. A bonus? Zoo Whiz can be changed to fit any country/currency. Check out the curriculum correlation page to see all the current country options!”
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