Whole School Licences (School-hours only)

For those schools wanting to use ZooWhiz only during school hours and not requiring home access for parents and students we have introduced a new low-cost Whole School Licence.

A Whole School Licence:

  • Endures for 12 months
  • Gives every student in the school access to all the features of ZooWhiz during school hours
  • Gives teachers access to all of the administrative features of ZooWhiz 24/7 (Full time)

Students will be unable to use ZooWhiz outside of school hours.

Current Prices:

Large School (More than 1,000 students) $2999 AUD/USD

Regular School (Between 150 and 1000 students) $799 AUD/USD

Small School (Fewer than 150 students) $499 AUD/USD

Whole School Licences may only be purchased by contacting ZooWhiz directly…