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This option is not available to parents, home educators or coaching clinics

To purchase 24/7 Access Tags

  • Sign in to your Teacher Management Account
  • Click on the “24/7 Access Tags” button at the top right of your screen
  • Use the 24/7 Access Tags Calculator to explore your purchasing options
  • Place your order for the desired number of 24/7 Access Tags from within the 24/7 Access Tags Calculator
  • You will immediately be able to apply these Tags to children in your class or school from within your Teacher Management Account

Sign in to purchase 24/7 Access Tags

How 24/7 Access Tags work

  • Any teacher may purchase a ZooWhiz School Subscription consisting of 24/7 Access Tags for use by their class or other students in their school
  • 24/7 Access Tags are used to tag existing Child Accounts granting the 24/7 access to ZooWhiz at home and school
  • To calculate the exact amount and/or to place an order you will need to use the 24/7 Access Tags School Calculator located in your Teacher Management Account
  • Pricing and currency is determined by the country in which you are located.

Initial 12 month School Subscription

  • If you are the first teacher from your school to order 24/7 Access Tags then you will commence the subscription for your school
  • The date the order is placed becomes the anniversary date for your school’s ZooWhiz 24/7 Access Tag Subscription
  • Once ordered the 24/7 Access Tags will be available for immediate use through your Teacher Management Account

Ordering more 24/7 Access Tags for an existing school subscription

  • Any teacher from your school can order more 24/7 Access Tags at any time
  • Cost for additional Tags is calculated on a pro rata basis with reference to the school anniversary date.
  • Use the 24/7 Access Tag Calculator to explore your options and then update your school subscription with extra Tags

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Contact us for assistance

Call or email us for assistance purchasing 24/7 Access Tags

Frequently Asked Questions about 24/7 Access Tags

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