New animals coming soon! And with educational content!

As far as free online educational software goes, we think ZooWhiz is the bee’s knees (there’s an idea – what do you think about having killer bees in the Zoo Shop?). That’s the feedback we’re hearing from parents and teachers anyway, but we were recently wondering what some of the kids thought of it, both in terms of the educational content and the fun.

During the developmental phase of ZooWhiz, we spent a lot of time with kids working out what they liked and didn’t like, in order to produce a product that was both of a high educational quality and a lot of fun. At the time, most of the kids really enjoyed purchasing their own animals and building their Zoo. This is what we expected, as at that stage the Arcade Games had only been online for a few weeks.

Now that the Arcade Games have been around for some time now, we put ourselves in the kids’ shoes again (my feet are still sore!) in order to take a fresh look at which was more fun – the animals or the Arcade Games. We all thought the Arcade Games were fantastic and would be much more popular than the Animals (we each have our own favourite Arcade Games – mine is Bubble Plunge). However, after getting some feedback from the kids, we’ve found that they’re still purchasing lots and lots of animals. Lots of animals. It’s probably quite a close competition.

In fact, just to see how many animals the kids were purchasing we decided to look up the details. You won’t believe what we found – the kids had spent over 2 million coins on nearly 10,000 animals in the last 30 days! The top six children had each spent over 56,000 coins on animals! That means those kids had answered at least 5,600 activities correctly! ZooWhiz must be full of whiz kids!

Anyway, because the animals are still in high demand, we’ve decided to make a few more. And on top of that, we’re also going to be adding educational information to the animals! This means that kids are not only learning through highly educational activities, but they’re also learning while they’re having fun with the animals! ZooWhiz truly is an integrated learning environment – online educational software just doesn’t get any better. If you haven’t yet signed up as a teacher, do so now. It only takes a few minutes of your time and will benefit you and your classroom kids for the whole year.

We’ll be making the new animals live in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

The Dragon - The Most Expensive Animal in the ZooWhiz Free Online Educational Learning System

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