Want an online learning system that motivates your students? Check THIS out!

There’s two methods to motivate kids to learn – the “stick” and the “carrot”. The “stick” method of motivating kids takes the no pain, no gain mentality, focusing on the merits of effort and hard work. On the other hand, the “carrot” method of motivation kids to learn offers a reward for learning.

Both forms of motivation have their pros and cons. For example, although the word “stick” has negative connotations, this motivational technique allows to children to learn a concept “by heart” – children can still remember the topic years later “like the back of their hand”. However, when taken to far, this method causes kids to learn by rote, preventing them from having a deep understanding of the subject matter.

Likewise, the “carrot” form of motivation also has pros and cons. Children can often focus on the reward more than the learning, and don’t realise that learning can be a reward in and of itself. Conversely, appropriate rewards that relate back to learning experiences trigger positive emotions in the human brain, which can greatly improve memory. Making learning fun can also have widespread effects, changing social attitudes towards education.

Most teachers agree that having  a balanced approach to student motivation encourages a balanced perspective on life – life is fun, but sometimes you have to knuckle down and get the job done. That’s why ZooWhiz balances hard work with rewards – kids must complete educational activities in order to earn coins, with which they can do other fun stuff, like buy animals or play arcade games.

We took a quick look at some of the statistics today, and, boy, are the kids in ZooWhiz working hard! To date, the kids have earnt nearly 15 million coins! But we also know that the kids are having a whole lot of fun too – they’ve spent most of their coins – nearly 14 million coins – on just having fun. However, with ZooWhiz, kids don’t just alternate between learning and having fun: the educational content itself is fun, and the rewards themselves are often educational. For an online learning system, ZooWhiz really knows how to motivate your kids! If you haven’t yet signed up as a teacher, I recommend you sign up now. It’s completely free, and the online learning system of choice in mathematics, reading and word skills.

The fact that the kids 15 millions coins speaks for itself.

2 comments on “Want an online learning system that motivates your students? Check THIS out!

  1. Jason说道:

    I stumbled across this page about an hour ago and decided to evaluate zoo whiz for our early readers. I registered as a teacher and created a test child account, and I have to say the educational content is brilliant, especially the literacy activities. I’m sure the kids will get a lot out of it too.

    I’ll be using with my own class this week and will show it to the other Key Stage teachers next week. I just wanted to give some feedback. Well done!

    • Michael Michael说道:

      Hi Jason! Thanks for the feedback. We’ve researched various features with a LOT of teachers and kids, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. As you noticed yourself, our literacy content (the “Reading” module in ZooWhiz) is pretty much the best English language learning software available to young readers. I’m not sure how far you’ve gone through the content, but you’ll see that it progresses from basic phonemic skills (associating vowel and consonant sounds with letters, etc), to more complex grapheme/phoneme relationships (e.g., the “th” grapheme having multiple sounds), all the way up to high level comprehension. If you’d like more information on the content and what’s available (e.g., information on the early Mathematics content), let me know. If that’s the case, you might want to use our contact form, rather than commenting here in the blog. Best of luck with it all! :)

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