ZooWhiz whizzes past 80,000 users!

Kids teachers and parents are loving ZooWhiz. 

ZooWhiz, EdAlive’s new FREE online learning system is growing rapidly and this week passed 80,000 users!  We’ve had over whelming feedback from parents, teachers and children around the world.

Here’s a taste of what people have had to say…

Sophie says “…I thought that overall, the site was great because there were lots of features on it. The Learn & Earn feature was really good because you had three different subjects: Reading, Words and Mathematics. In it you can earn coins by learning new things. I also liked that there were different age groups and different stages in them for people on different levels…

“…I am the parent of two children (aged 4 & 6) who have been using your site for the past week. Both of them love it! The personal Zoos and Arcade Games are great motivators for them to complete the educational activities (which are fun and engaging in themselves). I find that the girls like to set a money goal for each ‘Zoo Session’ and are competing with each other on getting the biggest number of zoo animals in their alloted time. The fact that they have to ‘pay’ to play the Arcade Games is great too – it means they HAVE to do some of the educational actives before they get to play the games :) ” Hollie – Parent,  Australia

“The interface is fantastic – really appealing to kids and easy to navigate. The activities are also appropriate to the students’ age/level – not too easy, not too difficult.” Jessica – Teacher, QLD Australia

“I am a secondary teacher in Queensland. My colleges and I, who have used ZooWhiz with our classes, are struck by the level of engagement it achieves with all our students in our trial classes from Year 7 through to Year 10. Seemingly, they are captivated by the pursuit of earning points to purchase the animals of their choice; while as teachers we are enthusiastic about the style of the questions which frequently enlist higher order thinking skills and revision of procedural skills from their present and past years of study.” Rachelle – Teacher, QLD Australia

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