How your FREE Perpetual Whole School Access Licence operates:

  1. Your Licence for ZooWhiz comes Pre-Activated and will accompany the CSP 2.0 materials when they arrive at your school
  2. To get started simply sign in or register a new teacher account and your Pre-Activated Licence will be automatically applied.
  3. Teachers may then create classes and accounts for their students.
  4. The Licence gives all of your teachers 24/7 administrative access so they can save time by preparing and reviewing progress from home
  5. Once you create accounts for them, all the children in your school can access all the features of ZooWhiz but only during school hours
  6. For your Licence to remain active you will need to complete the “Application for Extension” form once you have distributed the Home Access Discount Cards to the families in your school
  7. As your community starts using ZooWhiz we’ll work together with you to ensure that more and more families are able to benefit from the low-cost access to ZooWhiz that the CSP 2.0 affords

Ongoing extension in perpetuity

Once you have your FREE Whole School Access License in place, every 3 to 6 months we’ll make available further opportunities for the distribution of Home Access Discount Cards or letters to parents. This will enable the extension of your Whole School Access Licence, effectively granting your school perpetual zero-cost access to ZooWhiz Learning! This will not be onerous and will always be designed to benefit your school community.

Alternative licensing options

If for any reason your school decides that participation in the CSP 2.0 has not been as successful as hoped and you no longer wish to participate there are alternative low-cost licensing options that can ensure the ongoing use of ZooWhiz for your school

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