Here’s how the CSP 2.0 works:

  1. Participating schools receive a FREE “Perpetual Whole-School School-Hours Access Licence
  2. This Licence gives all the children in your school full access to all the incredible power of ZooWhiz within school hours
  3. Teachers have 24/7 access for planning and administration
  4. You can use ZooWhiz immediately across your school for FREE. You can choose how broadly or quickly you implement it but you’ll find that teachers can’t wait to get started
  5. We supply your school with sufficient ZooWhiz Home Access Discount Cards for distribution to families across the school.
  6. Families can start using ZooWhiz straight away at home as they don’t need to wait for the school to implement ZooWhiz in their child’s class.
  7. The Home Access Discount Cards greatly reduce the cost of 24/7 Home Access for families.
  8. RRP $89.95 discounted to $29.95 per child
  9. There are no orders for the school to process, no money to collect and no CDs to distribute
  10. Parents simply use their Home Access Discount Card to securely purchase ZooWhiz Learning Home Access online, and to renew annually at the same low price if they choose

Connecting Home and School

Using ZooWhiz in both the school and home environments creates a highly effective learning environment that bridges both worlds. Even if children only use ZooWhiz at home teachers can still view the child’s progress against the curricula and the NAPLAN standards. Parents are able to view the results for work done at school.

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